Television Commercials for Grapes from California


WATCH THE COMMERCIALS HERE!! Grapes from California commercials are now airing weekly on Food Network Television. Scroll down to see the videos for yourself!


The two spots are shown below in both the 30-second and 15-second versions. They are running June through November. The first commercial shows a grower picking a bunch of grapes to serve at a family dinner; the second one shows three generations strolling down a vineyard row.


You can see the commercials during some of your favorite cooking shows, including Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped and Guy's Grocery Games, among other shows, on Food Network Television.


Grapes from California "Family Dinner" Commercial – 30-second version


Grapes from California "Family Dinner" Commercial – 15-second version

At your next family dinner make sure to include Grapes from California, the family’s favorite. With Grapes from California, the possibilities are endless.


Grapes from California "Generations" Commercial – 30-second version


Grapes from California "Generations" Commercial – 15-second version

Grapes from California. Grown by families for families.