Garnish with Grapes

8 ways to garnish with Grapes from California

Grapes from California are natural garnishes that have graced platters and plates since ancient times.  This delicious fruit can add beauty, style and color to your serving.  Try garnishing these meals, drinks and desserts with Grapes from California.

Rosemary Skewers

Add color and fragrance to a perfectly seared steak with rosemary grape skewers.  Snip long stems of rosemary leaves and remove all but the top leaves from the stem.  Insert the stem into several Grapes from California and serve alongside the steak.

Rosemary grape skewers are also a perfect compliment to this grape rosemary martini.



Trim the Turkey

Accent a beautiful turkey with beautiful grapes for friends and family to admire...before it's all gobbled up!  After placing the cooked turkey on a large platter, decorate with a variety of fresh herbs and small bunches of Grapes from California.  The décor will be a delicious sweet treat once served.

Click here for Turkey stuffing and side dishes.


Citrus Cup

A hollowed piece of citrus makes the perfect cup for grapes while adding color and a fresh scent to the plate.  Fill an empty lemon cup with fresh Grapes from California and serve alongside meals featuring ingredients like fish.

Try one of these delicious recipes featuring fish.



Grape & Mint Ice Cubes

Grapes freeze well and make a perfect replacement to plain ice cubes in cocktails – simply freeze sliced grapes and mint in ice cube trays with a bit of water, then add to a cocktail, like this Gin, Grape and Cucumber Cocktail



Grape Skewers

A Spanish tradition called “the twelve grapes of luck” dates back to 1895 and consists of eating a grape with each of the first twelve bell strikes at midnight on January 1.  Many believe this leads to a year of prosperity.

Green, black and red Grapes from California look festive on skewers served in champagne glasses or in punches, sangrias, fruit teas and cocktails.  Try this fabulous champagne cocktail recipe.



Frosted Grapes

Frosted grapes sparkle with sugar and add an extra-sweet touch to desserts like crème brûlée…or enjoy them as a dessert all on their own. 

It’s easy to frost green, black and red Grapes from California with this recipe.



Chocolate-Dipped Grapes

Dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate, Grapes from California are the perfect match with a dipping in chocolate!  Enjoy with dessert, like cheesecake, with tea or even just on their own. 

Green, red and black Grapes from California  are easy to dip in chocolate using this recipe.



Cake Décor

Red, green and black Grapes from California are the perfect décor for a simply-frosted cake.  Grapes add color and elegance to each tier and are an edible decoration!

Grapes are also the perfect candle holder on cupcakes, as seen here.